Saturday, December 18, 2010

David Slade Predicts Hunger Games Movie Will Be “Huge”

Having been so immersed in this [Twilight] world, do you have a good sense of what makes a series this sticky? Can you predict the Next Big Thing for this audience?

“Hunger Games” is probably going to be huge. I was actually very interested in directing the film of that. I met with Lionsgate to talk about it, but it didn’t work out.

I’m a big, big fan, a big supporter of fan subcultures. I think they make things bigger than they are and they allow younger people — sometimes older people– to interact in positive ways …they’re good things in society, while there are a lot of bad things in society. And the things that drive great successes are things that people just identify with.

Since there’s obviously a precedent for switching directors with every movie in a franchise, we’d like to officially throw our support your way for the “Hunger Games” sequel.

Aw, well. Let’s see how things go. Who knows. I was in talks early on with “Hunger Games” but it didn’t go and I moved on to the next thing. I don’t tend to attach myself to a lot of things — I generally kind of pursue something to the point at which it becomes a reality, then I start talking about it. I’m very close — but there are four things and they’re all very, very different.

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