Friday, January 28, 2011

NO Open Casting Being Planned for The Hunger Games Film

Earlier this morning,a facebook follower of the Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite reported that they had contacted Debra Zane's office and learned of a planned Open Casting Call for the Hunger GamesFilm. HGT_Fansite reported:
Our source also inquired if they would be holding open auditions for the main characters and they said that that’s the plan. They just haven’t figured out dates/times/places yet.
To get confirmation on this report, we contacted Debra Zane's Casting office and were told:
There is no open casting being planned for the Hunger Games at this time.
Our contact also requested that we ask fans to PLEASE not call their office or email them inquiring about the casting of the roles or extras for the film. If a casting need arises for any reason, they would make an official announcement.

We know we are all excited about the casting of the film, and I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want some part no matter how small, but let's please honor the request of the casting director. They have a lot of roles to fill in a short time and if their office has to deal with calls from fans wanting to be in the film, that job will be a lot harder.
Source: Debra Zane Casting via Down with the Capital

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