Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Producer Nina Jacobson talks The Hunger Games


Girls with true grit

LA Times talked with The Hunger Games Producer Nina Jacobson about teen heroines in film today and the role of Katniss:

Many of these teen heroines reflect the changes in the way males and females relate in the real world. "There's a more egalitarian dynamic between boys and girls in the way they socialize today," says "Hunger Games" producer Nina Jacobson. "There's less of a polarization, more plurality that's allowed of a character."

Many of these girls, unlike their boy-crazed forebears, are decidedly blasé about dating. "Traditionally, heroines have been interested in love first and foremost and other things are secondary," Jacobson says. "That's the least of Katniss' concerns. Her impulse is toward self-preservation and the preservation of her family."

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