Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sanctum Actor Rhys Wakefield would "Love to play Peeta"

The Hunger Games has been the talk of Hollywood lately. Actors and actresses a like have been talking about wanting to play a character in the Hunger Games movie and we don't blame them one bit. So, when recently interviewed 22-year-old Sanctum actor, Rhys Wakefield is it any surprise to hear that he too, would love to be in the film?

Here is what Rhys has to say about the Hunger Games series:
TeenHollywood: Any famous person or person in a novel you would love to play some day?
Rhys: Actually, I’ve just been thrown into this whole storm of “The Hunger Games” which is so amazing. Those books are amazing. They are brilliant. I would love to play Peeta. But, who knows. I love the books.
You can read the full Q&A at
Do you think Rhys would make a good Peeta?


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