Saturday, May 28, 2011

Filming Officially Ends in Hildebran

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The Hickory Record published a piece today reporting on the end of filming at the Hildebran site. But, while most of the cast and crew have moved on to Shelby, signs of the film's presence can still be seen:

Props that were apparently used for the movie remained, including clothes that
were still hanging on a clothesline and rusted bed springs, car parts and animal
pens remained. A set of wooden stairs that leads to a second floor built on the
outside of one of the homes remain. The stairs are a new addition to the house.
According to locals residents, during filming actors and others were
transported to the village from an old trucking company in Hildebran that was
used as a parking and staging area.

Also featured in the article were interviews with locals cast as extras in the film. Security is described as extremely tight, with extras unable to use cell phones while on set; and it seems that the depression-era costuming has been designed to highlight the extreme poverty seen in Distrcit 12:

Treadway did say that the dress she was fitted for was so threadbare that it
ripped during the fitting. Marcus said he was told the clothing in his scenes
would look like clothes from the 1930s. Extras also received haircuts, and the
way Treadway described them, some of the haircuts were purposefully made to
appear as if they were done at home. Treadway also was told not to wash her hair
for two days before filming and to lose the highlights in her hair.

While filming has wrapped up in this locale, it is possible production could
return in the future.

Treadway said when she was contacted by the film production company about being an extra she asked whether the current filming would combine the three books or would a movie be made for each one. She was told three separate films will be made and filming will be done in North Carolina for all three.
You can read the rest of the article here.

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