Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Hunger Games Filming Infos!

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Russ Bowen, local anchor in North Carolina, tweeted the following production updates for The Hunger Games film:
The exciting and explosive lake scenes in the arena will be filmed in Asheville
But its in a location no one will have access to which is probably a good idea
This includes the blowing up the bag of apples scene
TwilightMom1901 adds: we knew this!!! Is it going to be @ the water shed
It appears most of the arena scenes will be shot in Asheville as will most of the explosions and fire
The N. Fork Reservoir in Black Mountain is the site. avl taking measures to make sure protected while filming
Preparations for Filming began at the beginning of the month, but the shoot will occur June 20 thru June 30

N. Fork Resevoir in Black Mountain - Google Images - Thanks to @JamieHawkings

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