Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wall Street Journal Interviews Jennifer

When you were offered the "Hunger Games" lead, did you feel like you were facing a fork in the road?

I got a taste of fame from the Oscars and I didn't like it. That's a terrible thing to say because it's such a tremendous honor. But I went from being normal Jennifer to being at these parties where I couldn't just be the girl making dumb jokes in the corner. Everybody's treating me differently and talking to me differently and I know that they're lying and that they're sucking up to me. It was a very bizarre time to be presented [with a part] that could make me arguably the most famous person my age a year from now. I remember sitting in a coffee shop in London thinking, if I say yes to this job, next year at this time people will be here taking pictures of me with their phones. And I couldn't find a bright side in it. But I didn't want to say no to a script that I loved because I was scared.

The movie is about to start shooting. Do you get first-day jitters?

The acting I'm cool with, but starting a movie is so scary. Are they going to like me? Am I going to have friends? Is the director going to be mean? They'll all go to dinner and they're not going to invite me. And it's like that every single time. A friend told me to get one of my best friends to be my personal assistant, which was brilliant advice. It's a constant and she reminds me of home.

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