Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lionsgate Confirms: FOUR Movies in the Hunger Games Franchise’s Future

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As reported earlier by Deadline, a Lionsgate Executive told Wall Street Analysts that The Hunger Games series would be brought to the screen as four action films. That raised a lot of eyebrows in the fan community today, would our beloved trilogy really be turned into four films?

While, Deadline is usually a very reliable source, our allies at The Hob went straight to Lionsgate and received confirmation on the report:

"We can confirm we have a deal that encompasses four (4) movies for THE HUNGER GAMES.
When we responded back to inquire if one of the books would be split, or if there was a potential for a prequel, we received this response. We cannot confirm any details beyond the below [the previous response
listed above] at this time
. "

via thehob and hungergamesdwtc

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