Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fan Reactions to Lenny Kravitz being cast as Cinna

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ReelzChannel spoke with several Hunger Games fansites and got their reactions to the news.

Arianna from DWTC:
"Lenny Kravitz is going to be an amazing Cinna. He has the flare that Cinna has, yet he also has the calmness Cinna is known for. Gary Ross obviously saw something in Lenny that made him want to cast him. He is not what people expected but I believe he will surprise people with his performance."

You can read more site reactions at Reelz Channel.

Hollywood Crush got the reactions of a few fan sites, and even the Hunger Games Fireside Chat's own Adam Spunberg. Check out the video.

"I guess the real question people have is, you know, what acting experience does Lenny Kravitz have? I'm confident that he can pull it off and do a really fantastic job," Adam said. "Every time people read a book, they have this vision in their head of a character, and I don't think that vision was Lenny Kravitz, per se. So when they first heard it I think it was a shock... I'm sensing that overnight, in just a few hours, people are now pretty on board with it."
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