Thursday, May 26, 2011

Artemis Extra Casting Updates, Reaping Time!

The Artemis Movie Casting Page has had a flurry of activity over the last few days as shooting has begun for The Hunger Games. Reading through the updates and the comments from those extras chosen for the film personally gives me butterflies of excitement knowing that all of this is occurring right now.

Previous reports from Artemis Casting and others who've been in the area of the P+M Warehouse in Shelby, NC, had increased speculation that the reaping would be filmed this Thursday and Friday. Now, the latest updates seem to confirm those suspicions.

Artemis Movie Casting We are still working on getting emails to kids
completed. Adults will be hearing from us next. As mentioned earlier EVERYONE
(Townfolks,Kids,Teens,Coal Miners, Peace Keepers, HOB, Officials, Citizens
-everyone except 5 reaping workers) will work on the 27th. Please count on that

You can't count on some VERY early am call times on Thursday
26th,Friday 27th, Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1st. We may have some as early as
4:30 am. I would count on most of them being between 5 -6 am. Everyone has to go
thru wardrobe, hair and make up. These are some of our most important and
biggest scenes in the film.


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